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Michael Weinraub, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Board Certified Pediatrician

Sample Case Descriptions

The issue in this "best interest" case was to determine the degree of risk versus benefit for an infant of very low birth weight with complex post neonatal intensive care unit medical needs to live part time with the father in order to form a bonded relationship with each parent.

A six year-old Mexican National child of unmarried Mexican National parents was brought to the United States by her mother without her father’s permission and became "well settled" when her mother married and began her new life. The Adoption Court here followed the Hague rules and required to know if it was in the child’s best interests to restart a relationship with her estranged father in Mexico, with whom she had not had contact in over a year.

A pre-teenage boy is accused of rape and offers a proof of a genetic condition that includes delayed sexual development and physical sexual immaturity in his defense.

A six week-old infant had multiple unexplained fractures without a reasonable history of an event as an explanation for these injuries. The question was raised of an alternative explanation when it was proposed that this infant had a metabolic bone disorder, congenital rickets, due to prenatal and postnatal vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

The boyfriend of a mother of a two and a half year-old is accused of murder by shaking the nonambulatory young child who was a very low birth weight premature infant with a large head since soon after birth. The contribution of prior medical conditions to sudden cardio-respiratory collapse was raised in this case of suspected abusive head trauma.

A pediatrician is sued for allegedly failing to report child abuse of an infant who in the care of a nanny suffers episodes of inconsolable crying, a stairway fall in the nanny’s arms, and unexplained changes in behavior and a seizure.

Toxic Injury
Concern was raised that a household water pipe fitting manufactured with extra amounts of lead resulted in delivery of unacceptable levels of lead to a household. I was asked to help determine if lead delivered from this water system could do measurable harm to infants and young children.

Sexual Assault
An autistic mentally retarded teenager living in a group home is allegedly sexually assaulted by a caregiver. Prior medical conditions and behavioral changes are considered along with other forensic evidence to determine the cause of rectal bleeding.

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Client Comments:
"Mr.__ pled today to a very good offer. Thank you for all of your hard work on this case. Due to your involvement, and ___’s hard work, the client’s offer on the case improved 'greatly.'"

"You were indispensable. __ would have been convicted of murder without your assistance. Your call on Sunday was divine. It gave me the lift I needed to shut down the doctors on rebuttal. It gave me confidence you were right, and they were wrong."

"Good news! After the defense attorney for ___ received our Opposition to her Motions for Summary Judgment, she notified the Arbitrator panel that she is dropping her motions. Thank you so much for your input on the Oppositions!"

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your work on this case. We could not have negotiated this plea without your thorough research and analysis."